Semester fees

The semester fee is composed of

  • the administration fee,
  • the Studierendenwerk fee and
  • the fee for the constituted student body.

Please find all details about the reimbursement of semester fees here.

Administration Fee

The administration fee is charged by  higher education institutions in order to finance all services provided to students apart from academic support. These services, in line with section 12 subsection 1 of the Act on Fees in Higher Education of Baden-Württemberg (LHGebG), revolve around enrollment, academic leaves of absence, disenrollment and academic advising in general. Moreover, all services by the International Office, advice and guidance for students seeking internships and the services to facilitate the starting of a career are included.

The administration fee amounts to EUR 70.00 per semester. No official notification is issued. The fee is due each semester upon enrollment or re-registration in line with section 12 subsection 2 of the Act on Fees in Higher Education of Baden-Württemberg (LHGebG).

If a student disenrolls within one month after the beginning of the lecture period, the administration fee is reimbursed. If a student is enrolled at several higher education institutions as his or her program of study, in line with the examination regulations, takes place at several institutions, the student is only obliged to pay the administration fee at the institution where the majority of coursework and examinations is completed. Exchange students are exempt from the administration fee in line with international administrative agreements and in accordance with section 12 subsection 3 of the Act on Fees in Higher Education of Baden-Württemberg (LHGebG).

Studierendenwerk Fee  xxx NEW! As at Fall Semester 2019/2020 xxx

The Studierendenwerk, in line with its general fee regulations, charges the Studierendenwerk fee of EUR 95.40 (EUR 80.90 for the spring semester 2019) per semester. The Studierendenwerk fee is made up of two components: The Studierendenwerk fee of EUR 60.10 and a contribution to the semester ticket for public transport of EUR 35.30 that is transferred directly to the transport company VRN.

A proof of payment is to be provided upon enrollment or re-registration. The Studierendenwerk fee serves to finance the services of the Studierendenwerk (Mensa, cafeterias, Loan Office/BAföG, Psychological Counseling Services, Child Care Center). For more information please follow the link to the website of the Studierendenwerk Mannheim.

Requests for the reimbursement of the Studierendenwerk fee shall be submitted directly online to the Studierendenwerk Mannheim. Please adhere to the deadlines of the Studierendenwerk.


Fee for the constituted student body

To fulfill their tasks, the constituted student body, according to section 2 of its general fee regulations as at 12 February 2014 and the 1st statute from 13 March 2017 charges the fee of

EUR 9.50 per semester

The fee shall be paid upon enrollment or re-registration. No official notification is issued. The University of Mannheim transfers the fee directly to the constituted student body.

The fee cannot be waived, reduced or deferred. The fee can be reimbursed upon disenrollment before the beginning of the semester in question. The request for reimbursement is to be submitted directly to the AStA Head of Finances.

Late Fee

If you re-register late, a late registration fee of EUR 20.00 is due in accordance with the General Statutes of Fees as at 17 May 2006 of the University Mannheim.


Tuition fees for international students and for the second degree (starting in the fall semester 2017)

For more information please visit the website of the International Office.