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Express Service
Most of student´s administrative matters can be easily and quickly handled by the Express-Service without any waiting time. The Express-Service is located in L1,1, ground floor.

Due to our annual outing, the Express-Service will be CLOSED on Tuesday 18.09.2018.

Mon., Tues.& Thurs.
  10.00 a.m.-&01:00 p.m.-03:00p.m.
10.00 a.m.-05.00 p.m.&01:00 p.m.-05:00p.m.
10.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m.

Student Service Center
For some matters, you have to contact the staff of Student Services. The Student Service Center is located at L1,1. It is divided into two departments:

  • Student Services I is in charge of all administrative matters for students studying Business Administration, Business Education, Economics, Mathematics, Information Systems and Business Law.
  • Student Services II is in charge of all administrative matters for students studying Humanities, Social Sciences or Law.
Monday                                              09.00 a.m.-12.00 p.m.
02.00 p.m.-05.00 p.m.


Our Addresses

Our Street Address:              Our Postal Address:
L 1,1
Parts B and C
1st Floor
68161 Mannheim
z.Hd. (please do not forget to mention name of the person in charge!)
Postfach 10 34 62
68131 Mannheim

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