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Mannheim Scholarship

Application period: 15 May 2020 to 15 June 2020

Regardless of their field of study, three students can receive a monthly scholarship of €150 for one year from the City of Mannheim. Outstanding performance and social engagement are important selection criteria. Personal circumstances, such as having a migrant or non-academic background, are also taken into account.
The City of Mannheim is proud of the University of Mannheim and would like the scholarship to be a symbol of its special bond with the University. Moreover, by funding talented students, the City wishes to emphasize that well-educated young people are welcome in Mannheim, an economic and academic hub, and that there are excellent job opportunities in the city for graduates.
Mannheim is shaped by innovation, diversity of business sectors, tolerance and culture. It has been a city of technical, musical, and sporting talent for many generations. The bicycle, the car and spaghetti ice-cream were all invented in Mannheim.
It is the strategy of the City of Mannheim and its Department of Economic and Structural Support is to fund highly qualified specialists and young employees, and attract them to the city to benefit the local economy.