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The Deutschland Scholarship

Since the fall semester 2011, the University of Mannheim offers the Deutschland Scholarship. Therewith, it participates in the respective programme of the Federal Government. The Deutschland Scholarship supports students with € 300 per month. € 150 are taken over by the government. The other half is acquired by the University through private funders, such as companies, foundations or private persons. 165 Deutschland Scholarships are assigned in 2017.

Scholarship Ceremony 2018

The University of Mannheim conciliates the Deutschland Scholarships to students who are already enrolled as well as university applicants for bachelor's, master's and Staatsexamen study courses. It chooses students based on their study performance. An important selection criterion is excellent grades. Furthermore, the University pays attention to accomplishments outside of school and university, such as sportive success or social commitment. Moreover, it considers personal circumstances that could complicate the admission to, or success in a study course. These circumstances could be a migratory background or a non-academic parental home.