Frequently Asked Questions

1. Information on the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship
2. Application and Application Requirements
3. Written Application
4. International Students

1. Information on the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship

How does the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship granted by the University of Mannheim Foundation receive funding?
The Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship is funded through donations made out to the University of Mannheim Foundation. The term “Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship” currently covers all scholarships funded by the RUFE Rheinhyp Unterstützungsfonds (RUFE) and scholarships given out by the Marie-Luise and Normann Stassen Foundation. There is a standardized application process for the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship in place. The number of scholarships given out is different each year.

How long do scholarship holders receive financial support?
Scholarship holders may be funded for a duration of up to one year. At the end of the funding year, it is possible to reapply as long as the degree has not yet been completed.

Can I also apply for the spring semester?
No, only applications for the fall semester are accepted.

Who decides which applicants receive an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
The admission committee decides who receives a scholarship. The Committee includes members of the scholarship donors. Applicants’ data is treated confidentially. Please read also the ‘Privacy notice’ included in the application form.

Is there an age limit for applications?

What is the maximum monthly amount granted by the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
There is no fixed monthly maximum amount. Please specify the amount you urgently need each month. The application form contains a table where you can detail your income and expenses. The desired funding amount should relate to the difference between income and expenses. The International Office provides information on incidental costs.

2. Application and Application Requirements

Who can apply for the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
Eligible for application are students beginning their studies as well as advanced students of all schools and all semesters at the University of Mannheim who have been and will keep facing financial difficulties. The decision to grant the scholarship is based on proof demonstrating that the student actively pursues her or his studies and proof of good academic achievements due to which successful completion of the program is to be expected.

What should my grade average be if I want to improve my chances of receiving a scholarship?
We consider every application in its individual context. There is no predefined grade average.

When can I apply for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
The new application period will be announced in the beginning of 2020.

When will I receive a letter of acceptance or refusal?
Letters of acceptance/refusal will be sent to you in mid-July.

Can I apply for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship before I begin studying at the University of Mannheim?
Yes, applicants for study places can also apply for a scholarship. But you have to start studying at the University of Mannheim before you can receive the scholarship.

An Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship has been offered to me by the University of Mannheim. Will I still receive the scholarship if I begin studying somewhere else?
No, to receive an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship from the Foundation of the University of Mannheim you need to be enrolled at the University of Mannheim.

I am already enrolled. How far into my degree can I apply for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
Students who are within the standard period of study can apply. It is possible to receive a scholarship even if you have exceeded your standard period of study, if you can give substantial reasons why you will study for another semester. A grant may still be useful towards the end of your program of study.

Can I apply if I am pursuing a second degree?
Yes, students who are pursuing second degrees and additional degrees are still eligible for funding.

I am currently in my first semester of a master’s program and do not have a transcript of records, yet. Can I still apply?
Yes. Please submit your bachelor's degree certificate.

I am a doctoral candidate, can I apply?
No, the scholarship does not extend beyond students who are completing a master’s program. You can find further information on the University of Mannheim’s website for Doctoral Studies in Mannheim.

Is it possible to receive more than one scholarship at the same time?
This depends on the amount and type of scholarship. Those who already receive a material grant rewarding talent and performance which totals more than €30 per month cannot receive an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship. This applies to students who receive a scholarship from the organization for the promotion of young talents (Begabtenförderungswerke) or a Deutschland Scholarship, for example.

Is it possible to apply for more than one scholarship at the same time?
Yes, it is possible to apply for other scholarship programs such as the Deutschland Scholarship parallel to the Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship. However, it’s usually not possible to obtain several scholarships at the same time. Please see the previous question.

Can I reapply if I do not receive a scholarship?
Yes, you may reapply for a later funding period.

3. Written Application

How can I apply?
You can only apply in written form. Further information can be found here.

Can I submit my application by e-mail?
No, the application - including all required documents - can only be sent by post.

Are there any specific formal requirements concerning the documents that I have to hand in?
We do not demand original documents. Copies or printouts suffice. Only the application form has to be signed originally. Attested copies are not required.
The documents have to be written in German or English. For documents in all other languages, please hand in a translation. You can translate the documents, a professional translation is not necessary.
The proofs of your financial situation have to be in German or English, too. Additionally, all amounts have to be indicated in Euro. If this is not the case, please convert the figures in Euro.

Are there certain requirements regarding the certificates of internships and voluntary work?
Please try to hand in certificates which give the duration of your engagement and the number of hours worked.

What should be included in the letter of motivation?
The letter of motivation (one to two pages) gives you the opportunity to give in-depth reasons for receiving an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship. The questions listed below might help you:

  • Why are you applying for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
  • What is your current financial situation? Tell us about your acute emergency situation.
  • What is your personal situation? Please detail the information you have given in Table III within your application form and describe how the various points affect you personally.
  • What are your personal and professional plans for the future?
  • International students: How do you plan to meet the financial requirements for your student visa (e.g. savings or other means)?
  • Are there any reasons which would be important for the decision about the scholarship and have not been mentioned yet?

Please address the letter of motivation to the selection committee.

Within Table IV of the application form I have to specify my current and planned monthly income and expenses. What exactly is the difference between “current” and “planned”?
Within the “current” column, please detail the average income and expenses you had over the past three months (for international students, for example in the country of origin). Your "planned" income and expenses refer to future costs during your studies in Mannheim.

My parents do not support me financially. Do I still have to submit proof of their income and bank statements for the past three months?
Even if you do not receive any financial support from your parents, it is essential to submit their proof of income and bank statements in addition to your own ones. This also applies to spouses or registered life partners. Please do not forget to state the reason why you do not receive any financial support within your letter of motivation.

Me or my parents do not have a bank account. Is it still possible for me to apply for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
Yes, but this only applies for applicants from countries where it is not usual to have a bank account. Instead of statements of a bank account, hand in a document which states why you or your parents do not have a bank account. This document has to be signed by you or your parents.

Is it possible to hand in documents for the application for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship later?
Applicants have to hand in their complete application, including all required documents. Documents which are handed in later are only accepted in well grounded exceptional cases.

4. International Students

Do I need to be a German citizen to receive an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship?
No. International applicants are also eligible for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship. However, you must be enrolled at the University of Mannheim or applying for a study place at the University of Mannheim.

Is financial aid also available to students with an international university entrance qualification?
Every university entrance qualification which is accepted for a study place at the University of Mannheim can also be used to apply for an Opportunity Mannheim Scholarship.

Do international students need to translate their personal documents for the application?
International students need a German or English translation of their documents. This also applies to proofs of income and bank statements. You can translate the documents yourself. However, the original documents must be enclosed in copy.

As an international student, I have never applied for BAföG. Do I still need to submit an official notification from the BAföG office?
As an international student, it is possible to receive BAföG if you meet special requirements. International students can claim BAföG if:

  • one parent has German citizenship
  • they have or had a German spouse
  • they are a legitimate asylum seeker, stateless or a refugee
  • one parent was legally employed in Germany for three years within six years before the beginning of studies, or
  • they were legally employed in Germany for five years before the beginning of studies

Other requirements described in the terms and conditions of the BAföG must also be fulfilled.

In case you are an international student and do not meet any of these exceptions, please state this within your application. In this case, you do not have to apply for BAföG.

As an international student, I should submit my residence permit, which is not yet available. Can I submit it later?
Yes, if the residence permit is not yet available, please submit it later and mention this within your application.