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The Mannheim Sports Scholarship

It isn’t always easy to bear the double burden of studying and top-class sports. A busy training schedule and demanding competitions don’t often leave much time for examination and seminar preparations. But top athletes show great commitment and perseverance in their studies thanks to their competition experience.

To support young athletes with the balancing act between studying and sports, and soften potential disadvantages, the University of Mannheim created the Mannheim Sports Scholarship in 2009 and the President’s Office established relevant guidelines. Interested athletes already receive support with their application, including, for example, guidance when selecting a suitable degree program.

Scholarship holders receive a monthly grant of €100, which is awarded over three semesters. An extension can be requested provided that the study and sports requirements are fulfilled. The program also supports students with their everyday studies by financing tutors, for example. A personal contact mediates if examination and competition dates clash.
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The University of Mannheim has been a partner of top-class sports since 2003.