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E-Mail Setup

Every registered student and staff member is provided a mailbox on our mailservers. Thereby, each user can read emails without installing additional software - via browser, like Mozilla Firefox (recommended) or Microsoft Internet Explorer. The user can also setup his own local e-mail client. The local client connects to the mailbox on our mailserver by two possible protocols, which are the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP4) or the Post Office Protocol (POP3). The IMAP protocol is prefered since it allows the user to connect with multiple clients (smartphone, desktop etc.)  to the  mailbox. Thereby all clients receive copies of the emails from the server and emails will not be downloaded by each connecting client. If the user prefers the POP3 protocol on the other hand, e-mails might get downloaded from the server by the connecting client. There is a link available with more informations on the differences between IMAP and POP at the bottom of this page.

Sending emails is accomplished by the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). In order to manage your mailbox via a local client the following settings are necessary in order to connect correctly to the mailbox on the university mail server.

IMAP-Server (staff member):staff.mail.uni-mannheim.de
IMAP-Server (students):students.mail.uni-mannheim.de
IMAP-Server (professors):imap.uni-mannheim.de (login with separate professor-mailserver-password)
POP3-Server (professors):imap.uni-mannheim.de
POP3-Server (staff member):staff.mail.uni-mannheim.de
POP3-Server (students):students.mail.uni-mannheim.de
SMTP-Server (everyone):smtp.mail.uni-mannheim.de
Your mailbox:Your username
Your password:Your password
Outside university network:Please activate SSL or TLS for security settings
IMAPS/POP3S-Port (encryption: SSL):993 (IMAPS) / 995 (POP3S)
SMTP-Port (encryption: TLS):587

If you receive an error regarding a certificate or if no connection is possible to the smtp server (for sending emails), please download and install the following certificate

If you have problems using email please contact us by the following formular


Additional Informations on POP3 & IMAP