vpn with mobile devices / Adonis_speed cutoff

VPN now works with mobile devices

our vpn servers now work with mobile devices. You will need the AnyConnect client for iPhone, Ipad or Android.

Adonis_speed cutoff at 10/01/12

The wifi network "Adonis_speed" will be deactivatet on our campus. As of now, "Adonis" will be distributed with the 802.11a standard. Both of the wifis will work parallel until 10/01/12 on 802.11a standard.

All other wifis stay unchanged.


BEWARE of so-called PHISHING mails

Mailuser of the University of Mannheim receive consistently so-called Phishingmails.

In such emails our users are requested to provide their user data and password. Sometimes a link is provided in these emails on which the user is asked to click on it. On the following website the user must submit his account and password.

In the subject of such emails buzzwords like "webmail quota exceeded", "change password", etc.

In some cases the return adress are masked with real addresses from the University of Mannheim.

If you receive such emails, DELETE them  and please do NOT ANSWER TO IT!!! Do NOT open the attachment and do not follwo ANY LINKS!!!

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