What is the purpose of the user identification/ user name/ user login?

Students and employees of the University of Mannheim


    Guests at the University of Mannheim

    see requirements


    Requirements for the usage of Computing Center services

    Students at the University of Mannheim, requirements:

    o   automatically receive the user identification when enrolling for the first time on their data sheet (Leporello) and after their enrollment via the Application Portal (available for a short time)


    Employees/institutes/chairs and doctorands (not enrolled) of the University of Mannheim, requirements:

    A personal user name is automatically generated for new employees at UNI Mannheim. If there is already an identifier for new employees, e.g. If you are studying for an exchange - employment relationship, no new ID is generated. An application has to be made as before so that the identification is given the appropriate status.

     Application for employees with signature of tenured professor or head of the institute.

    In the case of non-matriculated / non-employed doctoral candidate who change their status (eg from employee to doctoral candidate) or in the case of initial application, the signed application for employees with the signature of the supervising professor / Professor needed.

    In the case of doctoral candidate who are not enrolled and which are managed in the doctoral administration, the extension of the already existing doctoral user name, the doctoral administrator must apply for the extension by mail.

    If the ID is blocked, for example at the end of employment, notification is sent to the UNI MA's mail account associated with the ID.

    Employees of cooperating facilities (Uni HD, HS MA, ZEW, GESIS, IDS, Evalag, HS Ludwigshafen), requirements:

    o   application form with facility stamp

    o   bring along a valid ID card or passport

    o   appear in person

    The identifications have to be extended annually. For this reason, a notification will be sent to the mail account of this identification


    Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW)  please contact:

    Graduate Librarian (FH) Frank Krosta M.A
    Duale Hochschule Mannheim.
    Coblitzweg 1-7
    0621 4105-1147

    Students of the Mannheim University of Music, requirements:

    o   bring along a valid student ID card and a valid ID card/passport (including proof of residence)

    o   appear in person

    o   application form


    For students of other universities, FHs, HSs it is required to submit a new certificate of matriculation every term (except for: Heidelberg University, HS Mannheim, HS Ludgwigshafen, DHBW Mannheim)


    After having received the identification, the first (initial) password has to be changed. Otherwise, it is not possible to log on to other systems.


    You can change your password here.


    RUM – identification for library usage

    Library users can find a web form on the library website http://www.bib.uni-mannheim.de/bibliotheksausweis-privatperson/ which they can complete, save and print.

    Bring the printed  form as well as an ID card/passport (including proof of residence) and, if you are a student, a student ID card to the InfoCenter (Mon – Fri, 9am-4pm) to register for library usage.

    External library users cannot use the services of the Computing Center.

    What are the obligations of the user identification?

    The user identification obligates to a careful handling of the Computing Center’s services. In the event of misuse, the user identification will be blocked immediately.


    Administration- and Usage-Regulations

    What to do in case of problems

    If you have a problem, please contact

    InfoCenter im Schloss, Schneckenhof West

    Opening hours:
    Mon – Fri  9am – 3pm

    Tel.: 0621/181-3027

    In which cases will the user identification be blocked?

    In case of

    ·         removal from the register of students

    ·         leaving the university

    ·         misuse

    ·         changes, e.g. from student to employee (in this case, an extension is possible)