Postal address:  

Rechenzentrum  Universität Mannheim  L 15, 1-6  68131 Mannheim

Phone & Fax:  

Phone: +49 - 621-181-3177 

Fax: +49 - 621-181-3176 

University Hotline: +49 - 621 - 181 - 2222 

Mo. - Fr. 09.00 (9a.m.) - 16.00 (4p.m.)


  • L15, 1-6, 9. Floor
    Opening hours:
    Mo. - Fr. 09.00 (9a.m.) - 12.00 (12p.m.)
    13.00 (1p.m.) - 16.00 (4p.m.)
    Ph.:  -2000
  • InfoCenter Castle Schneckenhof
    Opening hours:
    Mo. - Th. 09.00 (9a.m.) - 16.00 (4p.m.)
    Fr. 09.00 (9a.m.) - 15.00 (3p.m.)


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Opening hours

SekretariatMonday - Friday: 09:00 (9a.m.) - 16:00 (4p.m.)
InfoCenter (Castle)Monday - Thursday: 09:00 (9a.m.) - 16:00(4p.m.)

Friday: 09:00 (9a.m.) - 15:00 (3p.m.)Uhr

How you find us

The computing center is located in L15,1-6. 

You can find the employees in the floors 6,8,9 and 10 where you are also entitled to advisory.

Coming from the Mannheim main trainstation. From the main entrance cross the tram tracks and walk to the Sparda Bank.

Directly before Sparda Bank turn to the left to see the tower building L15, 1-6. Walk in that direction to find the entrance

on the right hand side. Above the automatic glass door you will see the address.

RUM auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Here you can download the  Campus-Plan as PDF.


How you get to Mannheim:

Via train: Mannheim is an important node for the intercity trains (ICE and IC) and therefore Mannheim can be reached from

every major city in Europe.

Via car: Mannheim is located central between the Motorways A5 and A6. 

Coming on the A6 from Saarbrücken, Koblenz, Cologne: Pass the Viernheimer Dreieck in direction Stuttgart until

Kreuz Mannheim and head for the Mannheim city (Innenstadt).

Coming on the A6 from Stuttgart: Leave the A6 at Kreuz Mannheim and head for the Mannheim city (Innenstadt).

Coming on the A5 from Hamburg/Frankfurt: Leave the A5 at Kreuz Weinheim and head towards A659 Mannheim. Drive

straight ahead on to the B38 and follow to the city (Innenstadt).

Coming on the A5 from Basel, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg: Leave the A5 at Kreuz Heidelberg and head towards the A656

Mannheim. At the Kreuz Mannheim leave the Autobahn in direction of the city (Innenstadt).

When you arrive in Germany at the airport Frankfurt you can catch a train to Mannheim or drive south by car on either the

A67 or A5.

Mannheim also has an small airport which is open for private pilots. For further information please contact the airport directly.

The website is available in German only.