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Friedrich Seibold
A Fundamental Thinking Error in Philosophy


The present essay is a semantic and logical analysis of certain terms which coin decisively our metaphysical picture of the world. In particular they are the central terms of three basic philosophical problems. The basic problems in turn arise from three basic questions: What is objective truth? What is reality ‘independent of consciousness’? What is psychic freedom ? These three questions appear irresolvably problematic from the divergent and controversial nature of the answers they attract. The terms, in formulating the controversial fundamental problems, show a logical commonality which is identified and analysed here. The logical attribute uniting the notions analysed is a uniform contradiction within the terms, a logical impossibility of thought and therefore a ‘fundamental thinking error’. The consequence of this thinking error is of logical necessity not only apodictic, but for the first time a logically conclusive metaphysic and with it a new weltanschauung.

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