Beta Code - The Greek Alphabet

A alpha
B beta 
C xi
D delta
E epsilon
F phi
G gamma
H eta
I iota
K kappa
L lambda
M mu
N nu
O omicron
P pi
Q theta
R rho
S sigma (medial and final)
T tau
U upsilon
V digamma
W omega
X chi
Y psi
Z zeta
| iota subscript
' apostrophe
* upper case (following character is upper case)
- hyphen
, comma
. period
: raised dot (colon)
; question mark
_ dash
) smooth breathing 
( rough breathing 
/ acute accent (Greek and Roman Fonts)
= circumflex accent (Greek and Roman Fonts)
\ grave accent (Greek and Roman Fonts)
+ diaeresis (Greek and Roman Fonts) 
? subscript dot under preceding character (Greek and Roman Fonts)
! missing letter dot (for papyri and inscriptions) (Greek and Roman Fonts)
S1 medial Sigma (used only when conversion rules produce final sigma) 
S2 final Sigma (used only when conversion rules produce medial sigma) 
S3 lunate Sigma (obsolete)

Accents and diacritical marks are written directly after the coding for the character above and below which they are located in the source document.

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