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Re-Registration - new semester fees as fall semester 2018/2019

You must register for every single semester. To re-register, you just have to transfer the semester fees in time. These are currently € 160,40 (€ 80,90 Contribution to the Studierendenwerk, € 70 Administration Fee and € 9,50 AStA Fee)

For details about the re-registration period click here. For details about the University's bank account click here.

The fees must be credited to the University's bank account no later than the last day of the re-registration period.

If the fees are not credited in time or the wrong amount is credited, you will not be re-registered and have to pay an extra fee of € 20 to get registered after the deadline.

If you have finished your studies and, therefore, do not pay the fees, you will be officially disenrolled at the end of the current semester. Please note that you have to disenroll duly to receive the disenrollment documents. For detailed information about disenrollment click here.

You do not need to re-register for the next semester if you need to re-take an exam for the previous semester. Please note that it may pay off to stay registered for another semester to use student´s health insurance or if your parents receive child support.

Please do not re-register if you graduate and apply for the master program at University of Mannheim. At the time of re-registration you do not yet know whether you are accepted for master studies. If you are accepted, you will be newly registered as soon as you return the letter of acceptance to us for the master degree and the proof of payment for the semester fees.