You end your membership at the university with your disenrollment. There are two ways to disenroll:

  • Official Disenrollment (ex officio)
  • Disenrollment upon request ("duly" Disenrollment)

Official Disenrollment (ex officio)
If the University of Mannheim disenrolls you officially according to sec 62 sub 2 and 3 LHG (University Act of Baden-Württemberg), you will be informed  in time by a special disenrollment notification which is sent to you by mail. If you are not able to relate to the reasons for disenrollment, please contact the person in charge at Student Services.

Disenrollment upon request ("duly" Disenrollment)
If you want to cease your enrollment, we strongly recommend to file an application for disenrollment (application form). If you do not file this application, we can not hand out your enrollment certificate, disenrollment certificate and certificate for the social pension fund.

Please note: By applying for disenrollment you can transfer an official disenrollment into a duly disenrollemnt

You can apply for disenrollment any time at the Express Counter or send the application form to Student Services by mail. Please do not forget to add a statement from the library saying that all books have been returned and all fees have been paid ("Entlastungsvermerk"). Without this statement disenrollment is not possible.

Your disenrollment is effective with the end of the semester.  In these  exceptional cases it is immediately effective:

- you transfer to another university during the semester
- you lose the right to take exams

Please keep in mind that it might be cheaper to stay registered until the end of the semester if you have student health insurance or your parents receive child benefits.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Express Service or the staff at Student Services.