Academic Leave of Absence

For important reasons (like sickness or taking time for work experience) you can take an academic leave of absence (sec 61 sub 1 LHG (University Act of Baden-Württemberg)). The absence period should not exceed two semesters.  In exceptional cases a longer absence period may be granted.

If you want to take an academic leave of absence you have to apply for it at Student Services. You can find the application form in the list of documents to download. Do not forget to add all the required supporting documents (please send only copies) and send the complete documents to Student Services or contact the Express-Service.

As confirmation you receive the regular student documents showing the academic leave of absence.

Taking an academic leave of absence does have consequences:

  • You are not allowed to use any of the University´s facilities with exception to the libraries.
  • During this period you are not allowed to take part in students' self-administration or University elections. 
  • You are not allowed to take any exams during your absence period.
  • You are not allowed to register or conclude your Bachelor Thesis during your absence period. The registration of  Diplom Thesis or Magister Thesis is not possible.*
  • In case you receive federal student support (BAföG) please inform the Department for "Ausbildungsförderung" of your absence.
  • For consequences regarding child benefits please check with  the "Familienkasse".
  • During your absence period you are not allowed to work as a student assistant for the University of Mannheim.

Important for students of Business Administration (B.Sc.): There is no need to take an academic leave of absence for your regular semester abroad!

* You can conclude your thesis during your absence period if the editing time is limited to six months (applicable for students in psychology (Diplom Degree) and Magister Artium studies only).