Student-Guide - Navigating Your Studies

Who is responsible for what? Who can help me with my questions? Who can I go to with my request?

The Student Guide helps you find the right contact person and gives you an overview of the different information and advisory services provided by the University of Mannheim.

Please don’t hesitate to make use of the services and to get in touch with the contact person in question. If the person you have chosen to speak to turns out to be not in charge of that area, you will be referred to the institution that can help you with your matter.

This website features a number of hyperlinks to other websites of the University of Mannheim. While many of these sites have been translated into English, some of them are only available in German at this time. If you feel you are lacking essential information in English, please contact the ErStiMA-Team.

Support and Assistance


Academic Advising

Individual Support

Immediate Assistance - who can I talk to?
General Academic Advising

Subject-specific Academic Advising

Changing Lanes Program

International degree-seeking students

Mannheim Sports Scholars

Sexual harassment


 Students with disabilities

Studies and family life

Information and Advice


Organizing Your Studies

Student Life

Who is responsible for what?
Which formalities do I have to complete and when so I have to complete them by?

How do I create my course schedule?

How can I arrange a trip abroad?

Where can I find out more about internships and starting work?

What kind of additional qualifications can I acquire?

Supporting Infrastructure

How can I acquire skills that help me learn and are usefull for my studies?

Where can I apply for financial aid and what funding opportunities are there?

Where can I volunteer?

Eating and Living on Campus

Leisure Activities

Getting around

What do AAA, ECTS and LHG stand for? Abbreviations can be a pain. The University Glossary explains all the common terms and specific issues you might come across at the University of Mannheim. Click here for the Glossary.


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