Course Updates

Dear Students,
Mannheim has donned its best winter attire and we are getting close and closer to the exam period. We have done our best to provide you with plenty of different sports courses and recreational activity to provide you with the much-needed compensation for your exam preparation. Our sports program for the lecture-free period runs from December 11, 2017, until December 22, 2017 and January 8, 2018, until February 11, 2018. Mid-February, our new sports program for the Spring/Summer semester 2018 will be ready for you.

The current courses, registration deadlines and time tables can be in the sports program, which is available in the download section of our homepage. Starting on Friday, December 8, the program can also be checked online via the Program link. To spontaneously check courses, you can not only have a quick look at our homepage but can also use the Uni Mannheim app. Since some of our classes might spontaneously be canceled or moved during the lecture-free period, we kindly ask you to check either our website or the University app on a daily basis to see if your courses take place as usual and to keep the public holidays in mind.

During the exam period, we are offering shot meditation classes. These classes should provide you with a few quite minutes during your daily routine and enable you to gain a little distance from the stress of exam preparation. Lasting only twenty minutes, these courses should be short enough to fit in your library schedule.

May you do well in your exams, happy holidays and lots of fun with the university sports courses!

Sporty regards,
your Institute of Sports



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