Teaching Staff Exchange within the framework of the ERASMUS Programme / Teaching Staff Mobility

The ERASMUS programme offers, in the framework of its „staff mobility“ programme, the opportunity of funding for a teaching and research stay at a European university.  The programme can either encompass a sole teaching stay or, also, a combination of teaching and research activities; whereby teaching of at least eight hours is required.


The programs offers a great opportunity also for doctoral students and young researchers to gain invaluable teaching experience abroad and simultaneously develop research connections.


>>Participants who have already received the Official Grant Award Notification can click here to access the download area.<<


The duration of the stay can range from two days to up to two months (excluding travel days), whereby due to limited funding a stay of maximal 1-2 weeks is the norm. Per stay and week a minimum of eight teaching hours is required. Stays that last longer than a week have to include additional 1.6 teaching hours per additional day (on a basis of five workdays per week).


The financial support of the program provides a contribution to travel and subsistence expenses; the amount depends on the travel distance and the receiving country. Please check here for more detailed information on the financial support.


As destination of choice, all European universities, respectively all ERASMUS partner universities of the university of Mannheim and all further European universities that take part in the ERASMUS-Programme and with whom a teaching exchange agreement can be signed, can qualify.  The international office will be more than happy to help with any questions regarding this matter.


Another possibility is the funding of teaching arrangements of foreign business professionals at German Universities (STA2), in order to strengthen the relationship between the Universities and business enterprises.


The following group of individuals can receive funding (provided that the person is actively teaching at the University of Mannheim):


  • Lecturers that have a contractual relationship to the university
  • Doctoral students that are employed at the University of Mannheim and/or are actively teaching at the University
  • Research assistants ("Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter")
  • Lecturers/Contract teachers ("Lehrbeauftragte")

  • Emeritus professors and pensioned lecturers, as long as they are still teaching at the University of Mannheim
  • NEW - starting June 2018: It is also possible to invite staff from European companies or organizations to hold a lecture for Mannheim students (for one or several days) in order to strengthen the relationship between the University and e.g. business enterprises (program STA2 Incoming Business Professionals), including employed (external) doctoral candidates. There is no minimum for teaching hours in this case, which means that also a single lecture can be funded. If the lecturer should have a German nationality, his main residence needs to be outside of Germany.


The programme offers the following benefits:

  • Contribution to travel expenses according to EU scheme

  • Contribution to residency expenses according to EU scheme
  • In case you expect the grant to not cover all your travel expenses, you can ask your superior to add another account unit (Buchungsstelle) to cover the remaining expenses. Any costs exceeding the above-mentioned grant cannot be financed from Erasmus funds.

  • In special cases, disabled lecturers are subject to additional funding opportunities. To that end, the respective application has to be submitted to the DAAD by the University of Mannheim at least two months prior to your mobility period.  


Applications can continuously be turned in. Due to limited funding we recommend filing your application as early as possible or at least check the availability of funds early on with the International Office.


Application form
NEW: A full Business Travel Expense Report has to be done now for all Erasmus funded stays with original receipts if you are an employee of the University.

Information concerning the further formal steps concerning your funding is available here.


Concerning your application, please contact:

Mrs. Kerstin Bach, ERASMUS-Institutional Coordinator

Akademisches Auslandsamt/International Office

Tel.:+49 621 181 1160

E-Mail: bach@verwaltung.uni-mannheim.de



Further information regarding the ERASMUS-Programme is available on the  Website of the National agency for EU-University cooperation at the DAAD and on the website of the European Commission.





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