Financial support for placements abroad

The following foundations and programmes are relevant for the financial support of completing a placement abroad, and more details about these programmes follows below:




  • DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst- German Academic Exchange Service)

You can find information for the following funding possibilities of the DAAD here. You are able to download the application forms here.


Examples for DAAD funding programmes for placements abroad:  

  • Carlo-Schmid-Programme for placements in international organisations and EU institutions (please also see below)
  • Travel allowance for internships outside of Western Europe
  • Short-term scholarships (Kurzstipendien)


  • Funding possibilities through the European Union-Program ERASMUS+ for placements in Europe

What will be funded?

The European Union, within the scope of their education programme, funds placements in European countries during your studies and in the first year after graduation. The funding is offered through the ERASMUS+ Placements Program. To receive funding as a graduate, at least an informal application must be made prior to finishing the studies, i.e. prior to exmatriculation. Please contact the International Office early on!


The program offers a financial allowance for placements abroad as compensation for the low or non-existent salary placement students receive. Depending on the host country, the funding amounts to between 320 and 420 Euro per month. The minimum length of the internship is two months, while the maximum funding period is 12 months for each study cycle (including possible Erasmus study periods). Detailed information on the funding is available at the website mentioned below. Applicants that receive a monthly net payment of 1.000 Euro or more will not be considered for the funding. Students with disabilities or students going abroad with a child can check for additional funding possibilities at the website mentioned below.

A repeated funding might be possible in case the total funding period per study degree (Bachelor/Master/PhD) lasts no longer than 12 months (funding time of Erasmus Study scholarship included). If you are about to receive a degree as Diplom, Magister or Staatsexamen, the total funding period has a maximum of 24 months.


If the application is handed in correctly, the chances for funding are very good.


You cannot undertake your work placement in one of the following institutions as they are excluded from the Erasmus Placement programme: European institutions and institutions which administer EU programmes.


Please hand in the application for funding with all necessary documents and signatures as early on as possible and no later than one month before the internship starts (address see below) - this requires various documents and signatures, including the company's / organisation's!

Please note that if the application deadline of one month cannot be held, it is not possible to fund any part of your work placement period.



Where and how can I obtain the Erasmus funding?

The University of Mannheim does not award funding directly, but through a central coordination office at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe. The application process is also administrated by the coordination office. You can find all the information, the online registration as well as other application materials for the program at the following website: http://www.hs-karlsruhe.de/en/current-students/center-of-competence/erasmus-placements/erasmus-placement-programme.html

Signatures of the University of Mannheim for ERASMUS-Placements
You are required to request the signature of the University of Mannheim on 3 separate forms for the ERASMUS-Placements. All contact persons for the signatures can be found here. Please contact Ms Wittenberg in the International Office if you need help in identifying the right contact person.





Further funding possibilities: ERASMUS-Combination-Placements
(in connection with an ERASMUS-Study Placement)


Which kind of placement will receive funding?
Alongside the ERASMUS-Placement funding described above, there is also the possibility for students to apply for funding for a placement in direct connection with their ERASMUS-Study period abroad, a so-called ERASMUS-Combi-Placement


The internship must begin immediately before or after the ERASMUS exchange semester and needs to be monitored by the host university, i.e. it forms part of the Erasmus Learning Agreement. It must last less than two months and be completed in the same country as the study period. Altogether, the ERASMUS funding (the funding for both studies and internship together) is not allowed to last longer than 12 months.


Excluded from the funding are internships with all European Institutes and Institutions that maintain EU-Programmes.


Where can I apply for funding?
Please contact the International Office of the University of Mannheim.



Work Placements 

- Erasmus Work Placements Report - Report France 2010





  • Bafög Abroad

Currently, only German nationals or their equals can apply for Bafög, including Bafög Abroad. Further information can be found here (in German).



  • Education Loans

Since April 1, 2001, the government issued an education loan programme, that students have the possibility to request an education loan with the Deutsche Ausgleichbank for a study abroad programme or work placement abroad, independent from the income of their parents.

You can obtain further information here.



  • Haniel-Foundation

The Haniel Foundation offers different funding possibilities for work placements abroad in connection with studying abroad. You can find further information here.



  • Carlo-Schmid-Programme: funding for internships and studying abroad with international organisations.  

Highly qualified students and graduates of German nationality are given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the problems and regulations of international organisations and increase the quota of German staff in the organisation.


Application deadline: usually in February of every year

There are two application procedures:

Programme Line A: Applications with individual initiatives in which an internship commitment is obtained through international organisations and the institutions of the EU

  • Length of funding: 3-6 Months; no funding during the summer months of July and August
  • A confirmation from the internship company must be received at least 2 weeks before the allocation of funding
  • Interns who will be funded through the Internship Office of the European Union (Generaldirektion Bildung und Kultur), cannot receive support through the Carlo-Schmid-Programme

Programme Line B: Applications for specific internships offered within this programme line

  • Length of funding: 4-10 Months depending on the requirements of the designated organisation. 
  • You can apply for one or two internship offers. The exact application must be aimed towards the specific job profile of the described internship.

All information is available on the DAAD-Homepage (only in German).



Deutsch-Französisches Jugendwerk, DFJW (French-German Youth Foundation)

The French-German Youth Foundation was founded in 1963. Its main task is to strengthen the cooperation between France and Germany and to foster exchange between these countries. They support the following activities during, after, and outside academic studies:


  • Internship in France relevant to your studies

You can find out more information about the funding possibilities, the application requirements, and the application deadlines on their website (www.dfjw.org).





Go East "Russia in Practice"

This programme is only available in German, please refer to our German website equivalent.



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