The First Steps

IMPORTANT: Introductory Study Abroad Meeting


Who should attend the Introductory Study Abroad Meeting?

  • The Introductory Study Abroad Meeting is important for all students who are considering going abroad for one or two semesters during their studies at the University of Mannheim.
  • German speaking students, click here for the Introductory Study Abroad Meetings ("Einführungsveranstaltung Auslandsstudium") held in German.
  • There will be one session held in English at the start of each fall semester.
    For MMM students: there will be a specific info session of the Business School, so you do not need to attend this one.
  • Alternatively, the International Office is offering individual information meetings for international students to inform you about the study abroad programme, your options and any special requirements regarding visa, proof of language skills etc. Please feel free to contact the Study Abroad Advisors from the International Office to agree a suitable time for a meeting. 


When should I attend the Introductory Study Abroad Meeting?

  • Bachelor students should attend one of these information sessions at the end of their first semester or at the beginning of their second semester because the application deadline for some partner universities is already at April 30th in the second semester of their undergraduate studies. For students of the School of Humanities or the School of Business Informatics and Mathematics the first application deadline is already 31 January, so they should attend a session early on in their first semester.
    Business School (BWL) Bachelor: For every new incoming class of Business School Bachelor students there will be a separate study abroad information meeting (usually in the 2nd semester). You will be notified of this meeting through your faculty. Therefore, the following dates do not concern you.

  • State Exam students (Lehramt): Please attend the information session by the end of your second semester since the first possible application deadline for you is September 30th in your third semester.

  • Master students: Please attend an information session right at the beginning of your studies because the first application deadline is October 31st in your first semester. Alternatively, see a Study Abroad Advisor for an individual information meeting.
    MMM Students (M.Sc. Business Administration): There will be a specific information session for you organised by your school, so you do not need to attend the above mentioned
    Introductory Study Abroad Meeting.


Information and Contact Persons in the Departments

Since the requirements and opportunities for studying abroad are different depending on one's course of study, it is important that you check the specific information for students in your department. You can find most of this information on the homepage of your department or the respective faculty under "Internationales".  Additionally, please contact the Departmental Coordinators with your questions.



Country Information
The website of the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst - DAAD) is the most comprehensive information portal regarding studying abroad. In addition to general information and funding possibilities , you can find many further tips here: www.daad.de (click on "Informationen für Deutsche"). As this service is only available in German, please contact us if you would like some assistance.


A further independent DAAD website with more specific country information (especially on the cultural aspect in European countries) and some experience reports by German students is the EU community: http://eu-community.daad.de.


We urge all students whose country of citizenship is outside of the European Union to speak to a study abroad advisor at the International Office before submitting their application. We would like to assist you with specific administrative hurdles (e.g. visa application) and help you find solutions for those.


The interactive website www.vocalproject.eu offers interesting country information especially on smaller European countries. Additionally, you may gain some basic knowledge of some European languages (e.g. Polish, Hungarian).

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