Students whose studies at their home university are already funded by a foundation, have the chance to be supported abroad as well. An overview of the Scholarship organisations (Begabtenförderungswerke) can be found on the Internet portal of the government Scholarship system.

Some of the scholarship organisations (partially in cooperation with other foundations) also offer special abroad programmes, for which you do not need to already be a beneficiary.


Please note: Some scholarship organisations might restrict their funding to German nationals - please check this first to avoid any disappointment at a later stage.


It is worth to take a look at the website Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (click on application/admission test) and at the programmes of the Haniel Foundation. Here is a selection of some of the funding programmes:


  Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation)

  • Carlo-Schmid-Programme (jointly with the DAAD) for internships with international organisations and EU institutions as well as some non-government organisations (open for all subjects). For further information, go to Other ways to go abroad > Work placements abroad on this website.
  • China-Scholarship-Programme (one year of studies in China with language courses and internship in a German-Chinese company for students of all subjects except Chinese studies).
  • ERP-scholarship programme (one to two years studying or researching abroad at a leading university in the USA: for young researchers in all subject areas).
  • Bucerius-Jura-Programme (research and study plans abroad: For law students after their first exam)
  • Programme for Sciences and Journalism Abroad.
  • Scholarship programme "Metropolen in Osteuropa" (study in an Eastern European country; combination of language courses, studies, research plans; internship also a possibility: open for all subject areas). For further information, go to Financing > Country-specific Funding on this website.
  • McCloy Academic Scholarship Programme (two years master study at the Kennedy School of Government in Harvard: For young BA/MA graduates or candidates with at least three years of job experience and degree equivalent to that of the Masters level).
  • Stiftungskolleg for international jobs (scholarships for high performance graduates, who seek international jobs: open to all subjects).


Haniel-Foundation: Funding and Scholarships for studying abroad

Haniel-Foundation offers many different funding programmes.


Jointly with the German National Academic Foundation, the Haniel Foundation has maintained the scholarship programme „Auslandsstudium & Praktikum" since 1992.  This programme is specifically for Master studies abroad for German graduates.  The programme is open for students of all study areas, who express an interest in scientific issues. The programme includes an internship (minimum of 2 months) with a company in the host country and a course of economic Master study with an internationally approved degree. The total length of the programme is 12 months (maximum: 20 months).

Further information can be found under: www.haniel-stiftung.de  (scholarships)




(Last update: January 2012)


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