In principle, there are no rules as to how many or how few courses exchange students are allowed to take. However you should bear in mind what your home university expects of you in terms of the minimum number of courses to attend/ECTS to attain.


Course Registration

Please check for each course if registration is required. You will find more information in the course catalog- just click on "details" behind the respective course title. Sometimes it is required to register for the course in the student portal- this is a different portal than myUniMA and you will receive your login data for this portal after your enrollment in Mannheim.


Dropping a Course

If you notice that you have taken too many courses, there is generally no problem with dropping a course. However, you should let the professor know that you will no longer be attending the course.



Types of Courses

Throughout your course selection process, you have surely noticed that there are many various forms of courses offered at the university. You might have asked yourself questions similar to this: What is the difference between a lecture ("Vorlesung") and a seminar ("Seminar")? Here is a quick overview of the different types of courses:


Lectures (Vorlesung): These courses are generally fairly large and usually involve very little interaction between students and the instructor. The professor presents a specific topic for the day and the students take notes about the important points.


Proseminars and Advanced Seminars (Proseminar and Hauptseminar): Students are expected to actively participate in the course and usually must give a presentation.  Because there are much fewer students in these classes than in a lecture, the course is much more interactive and a student's participation is usually part of their overall grade.


Exercises and Tutorials (Übung and Tutorium):  These courses are oriented toward the practical aspects of a certain subject and are comprised of applying one's knowledge to selected texts, translations, etc.  Some exercises/ tutorials are offered as part of a lecture and help students to better understand and apply the material presented in the lecture.


Postgraduate Seminars and Colloquia (Oberseminar and Kolloquium): These courses are usually only offered to doctoral students and to exam candidates.

Do you need advice?

For technical questions about course selection and registration, please contact your departmental exchange coordinator.


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