Health Insurance

All students in Germany are required to have a health insurance policy. You will not be enrolled at the university without providing proof of your health insurance coverage.


If you are an EU citizen, you probably have the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). By presenting this card, you will be exempted from the necessary German health insurance coverage. Please bring your valid card with you to enrollment.


International exchange students who are not from an EU country may become exempted from compulsory health insurance. The conditions of this exemption will be checked by a representative of a public health insurance company at the place of study (in Mannheim). For this you must bring a German or English translation of your insurance documents from your home country with you. However, we strongly recommend all our exchange students from non-EU countries to purchase a statutory German health insurance due to the following reasons: if you have international/private insurance, you will be responsible for all treatment costs up front and reimbursement by your insurance company may take several weeks. Hospitalisation can be particularly expensive, which can lead to financial problems. Depending on the illness and on the scope and duration of treatment, this can be several thousand Euro!


You can take out a public German health insurance policy after your arrival in Mannheim. It costs approximately 90€ each month (student rate offered by all public health insurance companies). The health insurance coverage begins on the day of enrolment.


Please note: the obligation to take out insurance ends after your 30th birthday or after your 14th semester in Germany. In this case, you need to purchase a private health insurance.


Liability Insurance

We strongly recommend that you arrange a liability insurance. Liability insurance is designed to offer specific protection against third party claims. With this insurance, payment is not typically made to the insured party, but rather to the person who suffered loss, and  who is not a part of the insurance contract. In general, damage caused intentionally and contractual liabilities are not covered under liability insurance policies. Our experience has shown that liability insurance has proven very useful whenever one of our students was involved in some kind of damage causing accident (e.g. hitting a car with your bicycle). Usually, it is possible to arrange liability insurance in your home country. Be sure, however, that your liability insurance is also valid in foreign countries, specifically in Germany.

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